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U2 "The Electric Co." #U2IETour Turin 4 (Quick Multicam Edit)

"The Electric Co." quick multicam preview from #U2ieTour live from Turin on September 4th 2015.

This video is a quick edit, without color corrections and effects.

An Else Tear Production's project, powered by U2Place.

Thanks to the following people, without them, this would have been impossible!
#salvissimo / ALatronico / alfpaip / amande / Angelo Sezzewood / Baccus / BadSCooter / Beluga / Beverlygirl / Comi69 / icanstaywhile / Ilcontethefly / ioluko / Jeff KV / mekvox / Paolo Lodi / Phil1037Swiss / simus81 / The Bedoc / W7Rock

Video editing by: Mek Vox.
Audio kindly provided by MLK.

Thanks also to
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